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Feb 2003
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  • BSc Hons, Dalhousie University, 1997
  • MSc, Trent University, 2000
  • PhD, Carleton University, 2003


  • Biology
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The Building Blocks of Biology

Identify two different types of organisms that you have seen interacting, such as bees and flowers. Now form a simple hypothesis about this interaction. Use the scientific method and your imagination to design an experiment that tests this hypothesis. Be sure to identify variables and a control fo READ MORE »

Biology / Research Methods and Experimental Design » 51807

The Cardiac Cycle

In tracing a drop of blood from tissue cells of the left knee to the capillaries of the right arm including the lungs.

What are the aspects of the cardiac cycle, keeping track of the left and right sides of the heart, and all the valves through which the blood travels?

Biology / Human Biology / Human Anatomy and Physiology / Circulatory and Respiratory Systems » 31970

Placing animals in their proper taxonomic category.

In the animal kingdom, you can place animals in categories based on certain differences in the characteristics that each possesses. If you know what critical traits to look for, it is possible to separate any animal into its proper taxonomic category. Use this dichotomous key to help determine the t READ MORE »

Biology / Animal Biology » 60878

Classification of exercise equipment

Identify fifteen pieces of exercise equipment. List whether each of these is utilizing constant resistance devices, variable resistance devices, accommodating resistance devices or static resistance devices. Are there any improvements you would make on these devices? If so, what would you change?

Health Sciences / Topics in Health and Wellness / Determinants of Health / Physical Determinants / Exercise, Fitness » 534401

Crossing pure-bred plants

Each plant was crossed with normal (leafy) pure-bred plants to generate the following phenotypic ratios:

F1 phenotype F2 phenotype

Line 1 x leafy all leaves READ MORE »

Biology / Genetics » 418312
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