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Dec 2013
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  • MBA, American Military University, 2013
  • BS Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2001


  • Computer Science
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Old Navy Advertising Campaign

In choosing mobile media for this campaign, what assumptions were made about the viewing habits of this target? Do you believe these assumptions are valid? What would you recommend regarding this choice?

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Strategic Planning » 568024

Managing for motivation

If you are assigned a supervisory role at work, how can you motivate employees to become excited about assuming additional responsibilities?

200 words, apa citations

Business / Business Philosophy and Ethics » 568249

Hbr on Coaching for Microsoft

Phillips, T. (2011) Creating a coaching culture across a global sales force. Strategic HR Review: 5-10.

1. In general, how difficult do you think it is to change managerial behavior around the world for a multinational corporation such as Microsoft? Do you think it is as easy as the article make READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / International Business Management » 574335

Global Diversity at IBM

Locate the website of a Fortune 1000 company of your choice. What statements about diversity are included? Is there a nondiscrimination policy? If so, which areas are included? If possible, determine the race, ethnicity, and sex of the CEO, board members, and other top executives of the organization READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Managing Diversity » 568341

Discussion on promotion

Read the following scenario and answer the corresponding questions upon your completion.

Lobos International Scenario:
Over the past few years, you and Cindy have been on the fast track at Lobos International, a multinational company providing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) solutions READ MORE »

Business / Business Management » 616518
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