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Sep 2010
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  • M.Sc, University of Surrey, UK, 2008
  • M.Eng, Open University in the UK, 2004
  • B.Sc (hons) 2(2), Leicester University in the UK, 1985


  • Engineering
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General Electrical Engineering Questions

1. For the circuit given in FIGURE 1 the power factor is 0.72 lagging and the power dissipated is 375 W.
FIG. 1 (see attachment)
Determine the:
(i) apparent power
(ii) reactive power
(iii) the magnitude of the current flowing in the circuit
(iv) the value of the impedance Z and state whether READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Electronic Engineering » 589000

Damping factor, Damped frequency, Natural frequency

For the waveform shown in attached figure, estimate
(a) the damping factor,
(b) the forced or damped frequency of oscillation, and
(c) the natural or undamped frequency.

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 404100

Concepts to Describe the Asteroid's Motion

[1] What concepts would you use to describe the asteroid's motion?
[2] If the asteroid is moving at a constant speed in its orbit, does this also mean it is moving at a constant velocity? Explain your answer.
[3] Based on your answer above, is the asteroid accelerating? Explain.
[4] What force ac READ MORE »

Physics / Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics / Astronomy / Solar System / Asteroids » 469649

Trans-impedance Amplifier

(a) The circuit of FIGURE 2 (attached) is known as a trans-impedance circuit used for the measurement of very small currents. Derive the relationship between the output voltage V and the input current I; i.e. if V = kI find k in terms of R1, R2 and Rf.

(b) Calculate the current I if Rf =10 mOhm ( READ MORE »

Physics / Electricity & Magnetism / Circuits / Resistance / Ohm's Law » 367567
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