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Nov 2005
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  • BComm, Pune University, INdia, 2001
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Incomplete Data Consolidation - Skyler Corporation & Blue Corporation

Blue Corporation acquired controlling ownership of Skyler Corporation on December 31, 20X3, and a consolidated balance sheet was prepared immediately. Partial balance sheet data for the two companies and the consolidated entity at that date is attached.

During 20X3, Blue provided engineering serv READ MORE »

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1. The cost of capital reflects the cost of funds
A) over a short-run time period.
B) at a given point in time.
C) over a long-run time period.
D) at current book values.

2. The ________ from the sale of a security are the funds actually received from the sale after ________, or READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Capital Budgeting » 307355

Solving Time Value of Money Problems

1. (Monthly compounding) If you bought a $1,000 face value CD that matured in nine months, and which was advertised as paying 9% annual interest, compounded monthly, how much would you receive when you cashed in your CD at maturity?

2. (Annualizing a monthly rate) You credit card statement s READ MORE »

Business / Finance / The Time Value of Money » 475798

Accounting problem

(TCO H) Al and Amy file a joint return for the 2007 tax year. Their adjusted gross income is $80,000. They had net investment income of $9,000. In 2007, they had the following interest expenses: Personal credit card interest $4,000;
Home mortgage interest $8,000; and
Investment interest (on loan READ MORE »

Business / Business Math » 273162
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