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    Managerial economics

    Managerial Economics - Eighth Edition, Authors Christopher R. Thomas and S. Charles Maurice.

    Chapter Five Questions:

    1. Gigi has a limited income and consumes only wine and cheese; her current consumption choice is four bottles of wine and 10 pounds of cheese. The price of wine is $10 per bot READ MORE »

    Economics / Economic Analysis of Law / Contracts » 67744

    Consolidated Taxable Income Calculation

    Please help with the CTI (consolidated taxable income) calculation.

    Heuer formed MRH in 1990 and has owned 100 percent of its stock since the formation. This year, the two corporations filed their first consolidated return. Heuer had separate taxable income of $933,200. MRH had a separate taxabl READ MORE »

    Business / Accounting » 19921

    Accounting: NPV, IRR, Western Tool Company

    7. When can the NPV and the IRR methods of evaluating investment projects provide contradictory results? (b) How can this arise? (c) Which method should then be used? Why?

    15. In what ways the higher interest rates in the United States than abroad interfere with the international competitiveness READ MORE »

    Business / Accounting » 108415

    International Finance Transactions

    1. Indicate how each of the following international transactions is entered into the U.S. balance of payments with double-entry bookkeeping:

    (a) A U.S. resident imports $500 worth of merchandise from a U.K. resident and agrees to pay in three months.
    (b) After the three months, the U.S. resident READ MORE »

    Business / Finance » 136996
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