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Transmission of Genetic Material

If you were asked to get a genetic test panel performed, which diseases or health risks would you be interested in learning about and why?

Describe the biochemical composition, structure, and replication of DNA. Detail the role of specific RNA's in the process of protein transcription and transl READ MORE »

Biology / Genetics » 561393

Human Population Growth and the Environment

Human Population Growth and the Environment

Describe the historical pattern of growth of the worldwide human population since our origin. Include in this historic overview the changes that have happened technologically, medically, culturally and nutritionally to result in major population changes READ MORE »

Biology » 561346

Quantitative versus Qualitative Research

Write a 2- to 3-page narrative essay in which you address the following items:
•discuss what constitutes a research problem
•compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative research and qualitative research

Also, I have attached a matrix. 1. Please ensure I filled it out READ MORE »

Education / Sociology of Education » 573499

scientific method

Describe each steps of the the scientific method. Assess the role of reproducibility, collaboration, and peer review as part of scientific inquiry .

Biology / Research Methods and Experimental Design / The Scientific Method / Constructing a Hypothesis » 578856

Gray squirrels and natural selection

Natural Selection

1. OVERPRODUCTION. In a species [organisms that can interbreed], more individuals are born than survive to reproduce.

2. VARIATION. There is variation among individuals in a population, much of which is genetic.

3. COMPETITION & SURVIVAL. Individuals best adapted to their READ MORE »

Biology / Biological Chemistry » 559026
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