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James Woodall

Aug 2011
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  • MBA, American Intercontinental University, 2009
  • MBA (IP), University of Hawaii, 2014


  • Business
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

About James Woodall

James Woodall is a 10 year veteran of the United States Air Force and enjoys music, cooking, and travel. He has lived in Asia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Alaska, and Hawaii. James began his career 20 years ago in Civil Engineering and progressed into Manufacturing Management upon leaving the military. In 2009, James completed his MBA and has worked for the past 12 years as an Operations Manager, specializing in the application of Business Management concepts and Human Resources theory and strategies. James has been teaching management courses in business organizations for the past 10 years and has been tutoring at the college level for the past 5 years. He has been an Expert for BrainMass since July of 2011.

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Module 1 SLP - The Financial Perspective

Module 1 - SLP
The Financial Perspective

The purpose of the Session Long Project is to give you the opportunity to explore the applicability of the Module to your own life, work, and place in space and time, and to experiment with the Module to see how the otherwise academically rigorous READ MORE »

Business / Finance » 421228

Corporate Ethics Officer & Whistle Blowing

Question 1) You have been asked by your CEO to recruit for a new position: corporate ethics officer. Prepare a job description for this new position. In the job description, make sure to discuss the role the ethics officer will play in the company as well as the qualifications this individual must h READ MORE »

Business / Business Philosophy and Ethics » 475644

International Business: Discuss issues of doing business in other countries

Textbook: International Business, Environment & Operations (Rev: 13th ed) by Daniels, Radebaugh,

(1). Briefly discuss the reasons why the various elements of culture might increase the cost of doing business in a country. Review the website Choose two countries that are READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy / Entry into International Markets » 430500

Williams-Sonoma Case: Strategies and Objectives

Using the Internet Mini Case #6 Williams-Sonoma by Maryanne M. Rouse, please help with the following questions:

1.If the Williams-Sonoma continues with its present strategies and objectives, where will it be in 5 years?

2. If you were the CEO of William-Sonoma, what strategies would you reco READ MORE »

Business / Marketing / Marketing Strategy » 509560

How does culture and environment affect institutions and their management?

Cultural norms play a large part in the mechanics and interpersonal relationships at work. When you grow up in a culture you take your norms of behavior for granted. You don't have to think about your reactions, preferences, and feelings. When you step into a foreign culture, suddenly things seem di READ MORE »

Business / Human Resources Management » 506460
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