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Grace Lian-Bodenbach

Jul 2013
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  • Doctor of Ministry, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, 2013
  • MDiv, Tyndale Seminary, 2003
  • BA, University of Waterloo, 1996


  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies

About Grace Lian-Bodenbach

Dr. Grace Lian-Bodenbach has her own private practice offering on-line counselling for individuals seeking faith based therapy in the areas of pre-marital counselling, trauma, families affected by cognitive injuries (ie. TBI), spiritual deepening to create peace and meaning in life's challenges.
She is also a Chaplain working with the prison population. As well, she is active in providing crisis counselling to abused women and children.

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Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory on Case of Anna O.

Analyzing the case of Anna O by reading through the case study and looking deeper into Freud's psychoanalytic theory, and also consider how Jung's neo-psychoanalytic theory compares and contrasts with Freud's theory.

One of the very first cases that caught Freud's attention when he was starting t READ MORE »

Psychology / Developmental Psychology / Psychosexual Development » 557155

Poverty Tourism

I need help to create a brief explanation of a connection between ethics and morality. Then, suggest strategies that a public policy maker or administrator might use to address morality related to poverty tourism. Finally, compare how liberal and libertarian public policy makers and public administr READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology / Theories of Abnormal Psychology / Social and Interpersonal Approaches / Social Structural Theories of Abnormality » 574668

Stereotypes, biases and heuristics

evaluate the methods used to measure biases, stereotypes, and heuristics. Include the following in your paper:

1. An evaluative summary of the properties of psychometrically sound measures

2. An evaluation of the methods used to measure biases, stereotypes, and heuristics. Do these methods con READ MORE »

Psychology / Social Psychology / Social Psychology Theories and Theorists » 607652

Weisel's 1981 Nobel Lecture: Empiricism vs. Rationalism

In Weisel's 1981 Nobel lecture, he reported research performed on cats and monkeys by depriving visual experience from these animals from birth. The animals failed to develop basic visual perception and only recovered very slightly after the deprivation had ended. However, he also noted that some ba READ MORE »

Psychology / Evolutionary Psychology / Evolutionary Psychology Theories and Theorists » 572319

Identifying Stages of Development: Cognitive and Moral

Both Piaget's Model of Cognitive Development and Kohlberg's Model of Moral Development are outlined in stages, with one stage building off of the previous stage. Put yourself in the role of a parent, teacher and juvenile justice judge and then in each role identify why it would be necessary to under READ MORE »

Psychology / Developmental Psychology / Stages of Moral Development » 571897
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