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May 2003
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Financial statements for Micro Chip Computer Corporation

See the attached file (financial statement) for selected financial statements for Micro Chip Computer Corporation. Answer questions 1 and 2 below based on the financial data:

1. Determine the year-to-year percentage annual growth in total net sales.
2. Based only on your answers to question #1, READ MORE »

Business / Business Management » 44825

Conversion price and value of a bond

Reading Railroad common stock is currently priced at $30, and its 8% convertible debentures (issued at par, or $1,000) are priced at $850. Each debenture can be converted into 25 shares of common stock at any time before 2005. What is the conversion price (CP) and the conversion value of the bond? READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Derivatives / Options » 86809

Determing Production Output Costs

You are the general manager of a firm that manufactures personal computers. Due to a soft economy, demand for PCs has dropped 50 percent from the previous year. The sales manager of your company has identified only one potential client, who has received several quotes for 10,000 new PCs. Accordin READ MORE »

Economics / Microeconomics / Output & Costs » 357870
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