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Giovanni Chin-A-Sen

May 2003
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  • BSEE, University of Florida, 1993
  • MBA, University of Michigan, 2002


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Determing Production Output Costs

You are the general manager of a firm that manufactures personal computers. Due to a soft economy, demand for PCs has dropped 50 percent from the previous year. The sales manager of your company has identified only one potential client, who has received several quotes for 10,000 new PCs. Accordin READ MORE »

Economics / Microeconomics / Output & Costs » 357870

Analysis and Decision Tree

Techware Incorporated is considering the introduction of two new software products to the market. In particular, the company has four options regarding these two proposed products: introduce neither product, introduce product 1 only, introduce product 2 only, or introduce both products. Research READ MORE »

Statistics / Probability » 22215

Statistics: Confidence Interval and Decision Making

Tourism is one consideration for CoffeeTime's future. A survey of 1,233 visitors to Mumbai last year revealed that 110 visited a small café. Use a 0.05 significance level to test her claim. Would it be wise for her to use that claim in trying to convince management to increase their advertising READ MORE »

Statistics / Hypothesis Testing / Frequentist Inference / Confidence Interval » 5530
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