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Sep 2011
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  • BA, University of Mississippi, 2009
  • MA (IP), National University, 2012


  • English Language and Literature

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Critical Thinking: Are These Students Cheating?

You are the principal of a middle school. Two 7th grade girls are brought into your office by their teacher, who accuses the girls of cheating. Each student submitted an identical, typed report and claimed that it was her original work. There appears to be no one who can verify either story. Who, if READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 559897

Formal Proposal to Solve Problem for Local Community

Formal Proposal

How would I write a seven page Formal Proposal about a company that has asked me to provide a proposal to solve a problem in my local community ? The proposal should include:

1. Cover/Title Page
2. Letter/Memo of Transmittal
3. Table of Contents
4. Executive Summary
5. Intr READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 557335

Interracial Relationships/Marriages

I'm looking for help with writing a Research paper examines interracial relationships and discusses their advantages and disadvantages, whilst highlighting that one of the areas of greatest concern arising from mixed relationships is the effects on the children involved. In addition, I'm looking for READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts » 550178

Compose an essay based on your preferred learning style

Could you please help me with this assignment.

Please choose two of the three Learning Style Inventory sites listed below and answer the questions posed. Please collect and organize the results. Think about the information being shared with you about your learning style so that you can write abo READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 556881
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