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Describe the nature and characteristics of PCB's.

Describe the nature and characteristics of PCB's. Why are they of importance to an EH&S or FS professional who encounters them when coming upon an incident scene where they are present? What precautions, or actions, should the EH&S or FS professional take when faced with this situation? What happens READ MORE »

Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry » 479585

Zinc's role in biological health

Zinc is a metallic element which exists in micro-quantaties in the human body. However, deficiencies in zinc have been linked to a host of different diseases. What characterizes a deficiency in zinc? How widespread is the global prevalence for zinc deficiency and what are some possible causes? What READ MORE »

Biology / Biological Chemistry / Metabolism » 590394

Chemistry: Limiting Reagent and Enthalpy Sample Questions

I am having trouble setting up the follow problems. I am not even sure where to start. If anyone can offer any advice, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am completely stumped:

1) The volume in Liters of H2(g), measured at 22 degrees C and 745 mmHg, required to react with 30.0 L of CO (g), measu READ MORE »

Chemistry / Physical Chemistry / Energetics and Thermodynamics » 438585

Ingredient Functions in Cake

Ingredients are functional aspects for the quality of bread (texture, structure ,color, volume, flavor, shape). What are the ingredient functions (control, low-gluten, flour type, sugar function, fat function, salt function) of a standard cake?

Health Sciences / Topics in Health and Wellness / Nutrition Science » 512875

Graphing: Solubility

Unit 3 Methods: Solutions

Graphing: Solubility

Question Answer
What do the numbers on the y-axis represent?
What does each curve on the graph represent?
Which substances show increasing solubility with increasing temperature?
Which substances show decreasing solubility with increasin READ MORE »

Chemistry / General Chemistry » 610276

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