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Dr Judith Mairs-Levy

Aug 2012
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  • Bsc, , Univ. of Toronto/York University, 1996
  • BA (Honors Double), York University, 2001
  • MPH, Drexel University/Benedictine's University, 2005


  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Health Sciences
  • Education

About Dr Judith Mairs-Levy

Dr. Judith Mairs-Levy is a York, University of Toronto, Drexel, and Benedictines alumnus with a Doctorate in Public Health and Health Education from the A. T. Still University of Osteopathic Medicine, Dentistry, Medical and Health Sciences. Combined, Dr. Mairs-Levy has almost 15 years of educational experience in the classroom, on-line, in corporate health care, and academic settings, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her professional qualifications include a Doctorate in Public Health Education; a Masters in Public Health, a combined Jr. Honors (Jr. MSc) in Medical Anthropology and Health and Society, and a B.Sc. (Abnormal and Personality Psychology). Dr. Mairs-Levy is also an expert in Online Course Design, Instructing and Curriculum Building; Organizational and Health Care Management; Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management; Epidemiology, Community Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Dr. Mairs-Levy is also certified as a Medical Technologist with expertise in Phlebotomy, Histology and Laboratory Microbial processes, and is a University Professor of Medical and Health Sciences, Psychology, Nursing, Medical Anthropology and General Education.

Dr. Mairs-Levy wears many professional hats: Aside from being an educator, Dr. Mairs-Levy is also a Cross-Cultural Health Care Specialist, a Public Health Professional who works as a Health Analyst/Researcher, a Community Integrative Health Consultant, Medical Writer, Editor, and an Academic Expert in multiple disciplines.

Dr. Mairs-Levy is also a certified Life and Health Insurance Specialist, a Certified Education Specialist (CHES), and Notary Public. Dr. Mairs-Levy is also an official reviewer for the American Journal of Intestinal Medicine, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Journal of the Academy of Management (AOM).

Having worked with and for one of the largest health insurance company (Aetna US Healthcare) Dr. Mairs-Levy holds a unique position and expertise in the health care field. She truly understands hospital systems, integrated wellness care programs, health care management, health care reform, and policy-making in both Canada and the United States. he is cognizant of the importance of acknowledging and embracing diversity, and feels her personal and philosophical beliefs of education are influenced by her life experiences, academic learning, and skill development. As such, she believes her teaching philosophy is perpetually evolving, and she always looks forward to educating and helping as well as learning from her students. She believes learning is a facilitative and collaborative process. As such, Dr. Mairs-Levy asserts:

"As a facilitative educator, my goal is not just getting students to arrive at the "correct answers"- Rather, I always strive to guide and empower students, and facilitate their understanding of the subject material. This way, they are more likely to retain the information, and apply this new knowledge in the real world".

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