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Christine Kerrigan

Mar 2015
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  • BA, Saint Leo University, 2012
  • MSc, Saint Leo University, 2014
  • PhD (IP), Grand Canyon University, 2017


  • Psychology

About Christine Kerrigan

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a specialized Master of Science degree in Critical Incident Management from Saint Leo University. My specialized Master’s degree allows for unique insight into the spectrum of critical incident management, the scope of critical incident management, as well as the impact that critical incidents can have on the field of psychology. I am currently in the last half of my Ph.D. program at Grand Canyon University for Cognitive Psychology. I also have been certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in regards to their Professional Developmental Series. I currently live and teach in Massachusetts. In my free time I avidly rock climb, kayak, and backpack. My research interests include evaluating the impact of cognitive functions based upon outdoor experiences as well as research into the Flynn effect as it relates to alterations in IQ levels as an individual increases in age.

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Diversity, Law Enforcement, and Forensic Psychology

The term "diversity" typically refers to differences among populations. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, race and ethnicity. According to the United States Immigration Statistics (Lee & Rytine, 2009), 1,046,539 people were naturalized as U.S. citizens in 2008. The leading groups of foreign READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 607499

Odd-Eccentric Personality Disorders in the Inmate Population


You are the commander three shifts of corrections officers (COs) working around the clock in a maximum-security cell block in a state penitentiary. You have an exceptionally good group of COs who have managed to intervene in most potentially violent problems without incident. They have READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology / Personality Disorders / Odd-Eccentric Personality Disorders » 603453

Motive Disposition Theory and Self - Determination Theory

For this assignment, you will choose two theories you wish to integrate. For examples of how two theories can be integrated. Then complete the following:

First, summarize your understanding of utilizing an integrative therapeutic model.
Summarize the key points of the two theories, identifying s READ MORE »

Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Cognitive Psychology Theories and Theorists » 606569

Use of Qualitative Triangulation

What is qualitative triangulation? Why might this extension be viewed by traditional researchers as controversial? Is this extension valid and meaningful for qualitative researchers?

Psychology / Social Psychology / Social Psychology Theories and Theorists » 620516

Combining Low Income Individuals with Therapy

This is a new client who has many life stressors and is feeling overwhelmed. You and your clients are from a relatively poor rural community and there are not many resources available to help your clients. The economy is bad in your area, both for clients and professionals like yourself.

As a the READ MORE »

Psychology / Social Psychology » 607267
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