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Carl Manson Jr.

Nov 2010
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  • M.P.M, Keller Graduate School of Management, 2013
  • M.B.A., Keller Graduate School of Management, 2005
  • M.N.C.M, Keller Graduate School of Management, 2004


  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Engineering

About Carl Manson Jr.

Carl Manson Jr. is a business and technology professional with over fifteen years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He has developed a strong track record of demonstrating effective project management skills, implementing compliance regulations that prevent leakage, and facilitating technology development. His demonstrated work history and educational background has provided the foundation for him to create a positive impact in his work environment and create opportunities in the business world.

With over 15 years of telecommunications experience, over nine years of network experience, Carl has provided guidance to RF Engineers on Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) rules, regarding obstacle evaluation, FCC Rules regarding public mobile services, public communications, and fixed microwave stations. He has also prepared applications for local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to ensure compliance for his employer in the areas of wireless transmissions and obstacle evaluation. He has been recognized with various awards, for his efforts to ensure compliance within the company. His strong foundation in processes surrounding regulatory compliance of wireless services evolved into a role of Tools and Systems Support Lead. In this capacity, Carl developed business cases for new and existing tools to streamline compliance activities for his organization. Carl’s efforts helped his department eliminate the use of paper and increase tool usage for previously manual processes.

In 2005, Carl founded The Destination Zone LLC. Partnering with his wife Tracey, the company has been able to acquire Real Estate in the Metro Atlanta area, providing affordable, quality, residences to low income Atlanta residents.

Carl continues to use his academic expertise in the areas of business, technology, and project management, serving as an Academic Expert for BrainMass Inc. He is passionate about removing obstacles from the learning process and providing students with a foundation for lifelong learning.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. He also holds masters’ degrees in Network & Communications Management, Business Administration, and Project Management, from Keller Graduate School of Management.

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