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Reconstruction: The Growth of America

Please help me in answering the 12 questions below

1. Describe the changed world of ex-slaves after the Civil War.
2. Outline the different phases of Reconstruction, beginning with Lincoln's plan and moving through presidential Reconstruction to Congressional Reconstruction.
3. Explain how READ MORE »

History / North American History / North American History Prior to 1877 / American Civil War » 591623

Progressivism and the Spanish-American War

1. Discuss the reform efforts of the Progressive era and the groups involved in those efforts.
2. Describe the methods used by the various states to bring about reforms in state governments during the Progressive era.
3. Discuss the involvement of women's groups in Progressive-era reform movements READ MORE »

History / World History / War Studies / World War I » 592062


Was due process followed in the Simpson trial? What myths surround the due-process model?
Why did the Simpson trial gain so much media and community attention? Did the myths prevalent about the criminal justice system contribute to the popularity of this case?
What myths prevail in society about t READ MORE »

History / World History / War Studies / Other Conflicts » 594152

Taxonomy and Learning in Higher Education

Please assist in answering these questions:

1. Explain how taxonomies influence instruction and learning in higher education

2. Explain the strengths and limitations of an emphasis on taxonomies with particular consideration for diverse learner populations.

Education / Learning & Teaching / Learning Styles & Theories » 591640

Technology in the Online Classroom

Describe two examples of technology that you could use as an online instructor in an introduction to psychology course

Explain the instructional design considerations that you would need to keep in mind to use these technologies

Explain how these technologies might facilitate learning and in READ MORE »

Education / eLearning & Technology » 592106
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