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Oct 2014
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  • BA, McMaster University, 1997
  • BSW, McMaster University, 1997
  • MEd, Brock University, 2007


  • Education
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Formative, Summative and Placement Assessments

What is the purpose of formative , summative , and placement assessment methods? When would it be appropriate to use each type of assessment? Why?

Education / Evaluation & Assessment / Standardized Tests » 595418

Social Policy Case Studies for Social Workers

Case #2 Sam Addams

Sam Addams is a divorced 67 year old retired attorney with advanced liver cancer. After a long talk with his children and his primary care physician, Sam has decided that palliative care is his only realistic option. Although Sam would like to stay at home as long as possible, READ MORE »

Social Work / Public Policy » 595255

Designing Evaluations of Educators

Develop a Teacher Evaluation Instrument. Each practitioner will develop a formal teacher evaluation instrument that has separate components for formative and summative evaluation of individual teachers, self reflection, and an evaluation of teachers' program context within which the teacher works. A READ MORE »

Education / Evaluation & Assessment / Comparative Education » 595679

Social Workers and Historical Knowledge of Addictions

The historical perspective of addiction is often not considered when providing treatment. For this discussion:
- Briefly provide a historical overview of the way addiction has been approached in the past.
- How do you think a therapist might best use this historical perspective to serve the needs READ MORE »

Social Work / Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors » 603319

Assessing Teacher Assessments

I need to develop an evaluation tool to assess all of the Teacher Evaluation Instruments that have been created.
I want to propose and refine an acceptable comprehensive evaluation instrument using a combination of several utilized evaluation tools.

Education / Evaluation & Assessment / Learning Standards » 596727
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