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Algebra : Solving Equations from Word Problems

Find the average weight in pounds of a type of bird of your choice. Use the rational exponent equation L = 2.43 * W^0.3326 to estimate the wingspan L in feet of the bird that weighs W pounds (Rockswold, 2006). Include in your post the type of bird and the average weight and show the calculations nec READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 143838

Operations: Rational Expressions and Fractions

How is doing operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with rational expressions similar to or different from doing operations with fractions? Can understanding how to work with one kind of problem help in understanding how to work another type? When might you use this skill in rea READ MORE »

Mathematics / Consumer Mathematics » 196373

A sound wave is given by the function

3. A sound wave is given by the function
f(t) = 0.5e^-2t cos 4t
Write down the first four terms of the power series expansions of e^-2t and cos 4t.
Determine the cubic (up to and including the third power of t) approximation of f(t) and calculate the accurate and approximate values of f(0.02) READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Graphs and Functions » 216378

Systems of equations problems

1. What systems of equations can be solved by graphing or using substitution or elimination? Which method do you like best and why would it be different method. How would you answer this question?

2.Why graphing gives more visual of the problem and the elimination makes it easier to come up wi READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Graphs and Functions » 211852

Cross-multiplication & inequalities

Please explain to me,What is the inherent meaning and justification of cross-multiplication as it applies to solving an inequality?

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 233277
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