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Algebra : Solving Equations from Word Problems

Find the average weight in pounds of a type of bird of your choice. Use the rational exponent equation L = 2.43 * W^0.3326 to estimate the wingspan L in feet of the bird that weighs W pounds (Rockswold, 2006). Include in your post the type of bird and the average weight and show the calculations nec READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 143838

Rate of change

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Section 11.3

1) The quarterly profit of Cunningham Realty depends on the amount of money x spent on advertising/quarter according to the rule:

where and x are measured in thousands of dollars. What is Cunningham's profit when its quarterly advertising budget is $35, READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis » 213419

Centroid theorem proof and deriving the distance formula

Prove the CENTROID therorem using the VECTOR proof as well as the SYNTHETIC proof

Explain how to derive the distance formula (assuming that the distance formula is not yet known), first in 2 dimentional and then in 3 dimentional

Mathematics / Geometry and Topology / Geometric Shapes / Triangles » 257581

Abstract algebra

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Abstract Algebra Questions:
1. List 4 integers in [2] as an element in Z4
2. Using modular addition, circle+, compare your answers for Z5: [3] + [4] and Z6: [3] + [4].
3. Repeat the question above using modular multiplication, circle_dot.
4. Construct a Cayley table for the gr READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 195649
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