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Jun 2006
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  • BSc, Mahatma Gandhi University, 2001
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Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

I know that is an answer to this problem in the library, but I would like a more detail or perhaps a fresh view to this case. I am currently working with Microsoft Excel 2007. Any help would be really appreciated.

Mathematics / Linear Transformation / Linear Programming » 361198



1. Arcs in a project network indicate
a. completion times.
b. precedence relationships.
c. activities.
d. the critical path.

2. The critical path
a. is any path that goes from the starting node to the completion node.
b. is a combination of all paths.
c. is the shorte READ MORE »

Statistics / Descriptive Statistics » 92837

Accounting - Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

1. Costs which can be eliminated in whole or in part if a particular business segment is discontinued are called:
a. irrelevant costs.
b. sunk costs.
c. opportunity costs.
d. avoidable costs.

2. Which of the following cash flows is relevant in a decision about accep READ MORE »

Economics / Finance / Personal Finance & Savings » 238112

T Test - Testing of hypothesis using five step procedure

1. The new director of special programs in XYZ Corporation felt the customers were waiting too long to receive and complete forms needed to enroll in special programs. After collecting some data, Ms. Jones determined the mean wait time was 28 minutes. She felt this time period was excessive and she READ MORE »

Statistics / Hypothesis Testing / Parametric Tests / Student's t-Test » 88611
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