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Apr 2015
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Sony's Organizational Case Study.

I have a case study to do. And I'm getting stuck. I was able to answer the first part of the questions, but I need help with the second part with Identify the mechanistic versus organic structures and how contingency theory was or was not applied in this case study.

Also I have attach the ca READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Organizational Theory / Organizational Structure » 607035

Principles of the Bureaucratic Structure

I had to do a case study on Xerox. I did the paper, I just need someone to double check it for me to make sure everything is answered okay and formatted correctly. I do need help with the closing statement. Can I please get help with that? Here is the questions from case study. I will also upload th READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Organizational Theory / Organizational Structure » 607566

Preparing Income Statement and GAAP

Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) require organizations to prepare both an income statement and a balance sheet. Before the balance sheet can be prepared, the organization's net income must be determined. This requires the accountant to pull together data from numerous system accounts READ MORE »

Business / Accounting / Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping / The Financial Statements / Income Statement » 607077

Marketing a product in Turkey.

You are the CEO of XYZ manufacturing company. You have decided that you would like to market your product to Turkey. Consider the following points in your paper; you can make assumptions, but support your work with facts and scholarly references:
o Discuss the reasons why your company would want to READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy » 608672

Good with Imposed Tariff.

Answer the following question in 400 words, with in text citation and 2 references

Conduct a web search seeking a current event related to a good that has an imposed tariff or quota placed on it. Discuss the relevance of the article to international trade. How does the flow of this item, product READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / International Business Management » 606190
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