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Hugo Silva, MSc

  • Advanced Studies Diploma, University of Minho
  • MSc, University of Minho

Zeljko Janicijevic, MSc

  • MSc, University of Luebeck and University of Applied Sciences Luebeck, Luebeck, Germany
  • BSc, School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Ankur Bhatt, MSc

  • BSc, University of California, Los Angeles
  • MSc, University of California, Los Angeles

Melissa Joy

  • BA, St Lawrence University
  • MA, St Lawrence University

John Rampton, M.Sc.

  • M.Sc, University of Surrey, UK
  • M.Eng, Open University in the UK
  • B.Sc (hons) 2(2), Leicester University in the UK