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    Reflective Essay

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    I have never written a reflective essay. I am not sure how to set it up and if a cover page is required. How do I write one with the following parameters:

    1. Descriptions of how you feel you improved your knowledge, skills, abilities, and yourself in this session through this course.
    2. Evaluation of the work you did during the session for the class and explanations of ways you could have performed better.
    3. Discuss topics you have identified that you did not understand or were not successful in trying to implement and provide any suggestions you may have about how to improve the course material on those topics.
    4. Describe ways you might measure the future effects of what you have learned in this course.
    5. State whether you achieved the course objectives

    The course objectives were:
    1. Describe community involvement in preparing needs assessment plans that addresses trash (solid waste) and hazardous trash (hazardous solid waste) management issues in the community (Module 1).
    2. Describe food safety principles, and the role of vectors in public health protection (Module 2).
    3. Describe the role of a multi-disciplinary team in reducing the impact of air pollution on human health (Module 2).
    4. Discuss the importance of water quality and waste water treatment for public health protection (Module 3).
    5. Describe how recreational waters are commonly monitored and managed to protect human health (Module 4).
    6. Discuss the importance of housing conditions on public health (Module 4). Discuss community noise levels (Module 5).
    7. Discuss radon and ultraviolet radiation in the context of public health protection (Module 5).
    8. Reflect upon and integrate course concepts (Module 6).

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    A reflective essay is very informal; you can use the term I and speak from your own experience. I'm going to go over each component and what you should talk about.

    1. Cover page

    So I would start with a cover page with your
    - Name
    - Student number
    - Professor name
    - Class name
    - Due date

    2. Descriptions of how you feel you improved your knowledge, skills, abilities, and yourself in this session through this course.

    In this portion, you can talk about your personal experience and what you learned from the class that you didn't know before.

    During this course I have become aware of the intertwined reactions between the environment and human activity and health. I also learned how these concepts applied to my own daily life. For instance, prior to this class I was unafraid of excessive sun tanning and using tanning beds. However, after learning about radon and ultraviolet radiation, I became ...

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    Reflective essays parameters are examined. How you feel you improved your knowledge, skills, and yourself in this session through the course is examined.