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Romantic poems

In reading "Magic of Love", "Love Poem", "Meeting at Night", "One Perfect Rose", "To My Dear and Loving Husband", "Not Marble, Nor Gilded Monuments", and "When In Disgrace With Fortune and Men's Eyes" are these poems of romantic love - or are they? Why or why not? and what can you tell about the narrator's relationship with the person to whom the poem is addressed?


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Please allow some of my notes to help:

First, these poems seem to denote romantic love for the most part; however, one is satirical in the treatment of love. Please note how "Magic of Love" addresses love in a conventional manner. She sees it as a "wonderful gift that can give you a lift." She even compares it to "Like a star in the night, it can keep your faith bright,
Like the sun, it can warm your hearts, too."

Her relationship ...

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