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Hedda Gabler's character

Hedda Gabler is one of Henrik Ibsen's "problem plays." Do you sympathize with Hedda Gabler? Why, or why not?

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First of all, please note that I partially sympathize with Hedda Gabler in many ways. For example, I see her as a victim of her past, something that often one cannot help in terms of our socioeconomic status. We cannot choose where we are born and into which families. Thus, because of stern, rigid, bourgeoisie upbringing, Hedda never had the emotional role model or encouragements to show compassion, freedom, feelings, or empathy later in her own life. I feel like her father's upbringing damaged and abused her, causing her to continue to perpetuate the cycle of violence into her own marriage and adult life.

Hence, I feel like her social customs and past experiences severely restrict her as an adult, wife, friend, and woman. I feel like she is totally caught in the past, a victim of it. Even though she is poor now, Hedda is angry and sullen because she still feels like she is entitled to that better life from her past. Please note how others regard her in light of this topic: "Well, you can't wonder at ...

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I argue that I sympathize with Hedda Gabler in a few ways.