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Verbal Analogies

This solution examines common verbal analogy patterns and examples to help solve these problems. This posting addresses simple word analogies. By looking at sample examples, students are able to understand verbal patterns.

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Here is "the Fun Fourteen to Guide" to Word Analogies

1. Synonyms (murky: dark)
2. Antonyms (gloomy: radiant)
3. Worker and Tool (painter: canvas)
4. Worker and Object (dentist: tooth)
5. Cause and Effect (negligence: accident)
6. Effect and Cause (tsunami: earthquake)
7. Material Used and End Product (wool: sweater)
8. Age (infant: teen)
9. Function of a Tool (scissors: cut)
10. Part to Whole (branch: tree)
11. Masculine and Feminine host: hostess
12. Person and Closely Related Adjective:(Principle: authoritative)
13. Symbol and What It Stands For (apple: teacher)
14. Mathematical Relationship (seven: forty-nine)