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Vagueness, Ambiguity, and Clarity in Writing

• Identify what is vague and what is ambiguous about each.
• Explain how such vagueness and ambiguity influences understanding.
• Describe the relationship between critical thinking and clear writing.

Sample 1

When I started reading this excerpt, and read the two concepts, I agreed with what they said about accepting both ideas. They make perfect sense, at least to me. Then I read more... I found this excerpt to be sort of strong. The author explained the argument behind both beliefs very well. With the idea they said that it is up to a person to do something or anything.

Sample 2

Argument is used in the readings by stating that there are two beliefs and both beliefs have a reason of being if they are true or is not true. The readings that offer logic regarding on the beliefs are true or not and presents facts for the argument. The two beliefs are connected and do something in some way about something else. It all just depends on the beliefs and the claims that show and if the logic has good support to prove that they argument can be correct or cannot be correct. Anyone can have an opinion something but to make someone believe the belief there has to be an argument and logic.