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Film, Moby Dick

I am looking for information as to the underlying theme of this film. I would like the theme explained, as I had trouble with the clarity of it.

I don't want a retelling of the plot, as I have seen the movie, I am simply trying to pinpoint what the theme was and find examples from the film that make it clear.

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Dear Student--

I understand from your question that you are seeking an explanation as to the meaning of what a "theme" is, as it applies to the movie you have seen. If my assumption is incorrect, please respond as soon as possible so that I may, where possible, make an adjustment to my explanation below.

The "theme" of anything, whether it be a movie, a book, or some other medium of information, is the "idea" that the writer or author wishes to convey. In other words, the theme is the idea, or thought, that the writer wishes you to "take away," or understand, from what he or she has written.

*For example, in the movie, Moby Dick (named after the famous book by Herman Melville), Captain Ahab rounds up a crew of sailors and goes in search of a Great White Whale named Moby Dick. It is Captain Ahab's intention, indeed his obsession, to hunt and destroy the whale which had ...

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Thematic explication is guided.