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Deductive and inductive syllogisms

1. Is this syllogism deductive or inductive? Why?
2. Is the syllogism deductively valid? Why or why not?
3. Identify the premises and the conclusion for each syllogism.
4. Provide a conclusion to Syllogism 4 that makes it a deductive syllogism.

Your response should follow these guidelines:
• Double-spaced
• 12 point Times New Roman font
• One inch margins
• Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Syllogism 1

All college students are required to take a Humanities class.
Critical Thinking is a Humanities class.
All college students take Critical Thinking.

Syllogism 2

All college students study.
Ernie is a college student.
Therefore, Ernie studies.

Syllogism 3

All college students attend class.
Cindy attends class.
Therefore, Cindy is a college student.

Syllogism 4
* This syllogism is different.

Two girls submit an assignment,
The two submissions are identical,
Therefore, ___________________ (you provide the conclusion to make this a Deductive Syllogism)