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The first is to identify the fallacy in the media and identify the source. The second component is to justify the identification; in other words, the â??whyâ?? of your argument. The third and final component is to address the application of the fallacy to the particular media source; what is the purpose of that particular argument in the greater context of the source.

Here is the link to one of the media fallacies that I found.

I think this is the "hasty generalization" fallacy.

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Hello and welcome to! While I cannot complete assignments for students, I can give you some advice on steps for how you can write your own answer.

The first part of your question you've already partially answered- you found an article which exemplified the "hasty generalization" fallacy. Your professor will want you to explain what that fallacy is and how it is used in the article.

<> defines the "hasty generalization" fallacy as one that "draws a general rule from a single, perhaps atypical, case," meaning that the author uses a single example as the basis for a generalizing statement. An example of this would be if you saw your friend ask for no tomato on a sandwich and assume that she is ...

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Please address the application of the fallacy to the particular media source