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We have a agricultural product export company. We wanted to become a member of CSCA( canadian special corps association) so, we should come up with several reasons for " Why you want to join the CSCA?".


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Dear Student,
(Even if you are not a student, we immediately assume that you are.) Thank you for choosing Brainmass.Com for this type of writing help. I can certainly help you figure out the reasons. However, the job you need to do for yourself is to decide which reasons are more effective for the application of such a process. I can help you come up with some reasons for you to choose from. (This is as far as I can go because technically, I am not supposed to be writing anything for anyone who posts assignments or non-assignments with Brainmass). So please allow me to clarify myself that I am helping you to come up with valid and effective reasons. You are the sole person to choose the reasons out of these suggestions I will have provided for you. (Please do try and understand our company's policies as well.) Thanks again though for coming into Brainmass for help.

Thus, without further "lecturing", I will try to help you now with the reasons you needed~

I have changed the fonts of each of the sentences you have attached. I changed the fonts based on specific purposes as they are great ways to figure out what reasons to use when you send in the application form to this association. ...

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