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    How to Write a Persuasive Essay Using Pre-writing Strategies

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    Using the topic Global warming (Science: Real or Hype?) using prewriting strategies (mind mapping, brainstorming and free writing) (1)write a thesis statement, (2) list three points to explain your topic; (3) give two words that you think will need to be defined for your readers in presenting an essay using your thesis statement and (4) describe your prewriting strategies that helped you develop our thesis statement.

    Without any research, using your thesis statement you selected in Part A write a persuasive essay about the topic. Use your own ideas, opinions and support through your own knowledge. You should have an introduction paragraph with your thesis statement at the end, the body paragraphs should discuss two points that supports your thesis statement and then add a conclusion paragraph.

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    1) Thesis Statement

    Over the years, there has been extensive discussion on the issue of global warming by both scientists and lay people. Though some scientists maintain that the concept of global warming is nothing but a fiction of the imagination, just like Santa Claus, almost all do agree now that global warming is as real as a California earthquake.

    2) Three points to explain the effects of Global Warming

    a. Universities understand the dangers of global warming. For this reason, The University of Arkansas, among others, has taken the initiative to do something about global warming by educating students on the issue and encouraging them in becoming active participants in the fight against global warming. According to Nick Brown, the university's executive assistant for sustainability:

    "Global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions is the über-ubiquitous issue of our times," said Nick Brown, the university's executive
    assistant for sustainability. "It influences and is influenced by business practices, technological choices, our philosophical relationship to the planet and personal habits. Our management of this single issue, more than any other, will define the quality of life for our descendants. Participation in Focus the Nation's Teach-in is one of many steps that the university will take in the coming year to address this issue." (consequencesofglobalwarming.com)

    b. The government acknowledges that the reality of our actions on the destruction of our planet, which we call home, is getting grimmer by the day. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "human-caused greenhouse gases are responsible for most of the warming of the last 50 years. The gases, released by burning of fossil fuels and land clearing, among other factors, trap heat in the atmosphere and warm Earth's surface. ..Further global warming of 1.8 degrees F (1 degree C) defines a critical level." (msnbc.mns.com)

    c. Global warming is destroying wild life happiness.
    In a 2003 study, scientists showed that 1,700 plant and animal species migrated toward the poles at about 4 miles ...

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