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Basic rules of grammar and how to find your way around.

Three rules of grammar are reviewed:

(1) Your vs. You're

You're the owner of your car.
Your dog barks when you're leaving.

Try repeating your sentence, using "you are." If "you are" makes sense, then use you're.

(2) It's vs. Its

Its is possessive; it's is a contraction for "it is."

It's a good day when a dog chews its chew toy, not your socks.

(3) Affect vs. Effect

Affect is a verb: "Your schedule will affect your ability to complete the course on time."
Affect can also be a noun, usually in the context of psychology:
"The subjects in the study displayed a cheerful affect."

Effect is a noun, meaning "outcome."
"What is the effect of reward on motivation?"

Your mission is to come up with examples of correct use of each.
Then you are asked to either (a) demonstrate any other example of grammar and style;
OR (b) share an example of weak grammar or style that looks

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Your mission is to come up with examples of correct use of each...

(1) Your vs. You're

- Your office is much bigger than my boss' office.
- Your cat probably needs to be spayed.

- You're going to be very excited about the surprise I bought you for your birthday.
- You're the best supervisor I have ever had- I mean that.

(2) It's vs. ...

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It's always those same 2 or 3 words that stump you. "Is there supposed to be an apostrophe there?" "Is it possessive?" and so on...

Read along as I provide 2 examples for each individual item and finish it up with a personal example of weak grammar and words you should avoid.