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    Grammar & Essay Writing Techniques

    Grammar is a set of structural rules set to govern the use of natural languages.  The purpose of grammar is to make the natural language consistent so that everyone who speaks it can understand each other.  There is variation in grammar based on the language in question due to the separation of human society (geographically).  A set of grammars evolves as a result of the usage of it.  As the language the grammar is present in is used more often, there become more rules present to accommodate the growing repertoire of words.  There is some debate as to the origin of grammar, as linguists believe that grammar is a function of the authors' personal preferences, while others say that grammar is a function of societal custom. 

    There are developed grammar frameworks that suggest a correct set of grammar rules.  Some of these frameworks are transformational grammar (TG), systematic functional grammar (SFG) and principles and parameters theory (P&P). 

    The education of grammar has been strongly enforced in elementary-level schools to teach children its importance and role in the English language. 

    Essays are written to prove or disprove a point by using a series of proofs or evidence as to why the writer believes the point is correct or incorrect.  As not every essay is written about the same or similar topics, there are several essay writing techniques that can be used to appropriately and effectively approach a topic. 

    Before actually writing the essay, a good level of research, analysis and brainstorming should be done in order to concisely communicate the point which the author wishes to.  At this point, the author will create an outline based on the format they wish to write their essay in.  Possible formats for an essay are the classic and most common five-paragraph essay (introduction, body paragraphs 1-3, conclusion) or a comparison essay (introduction, similarities, differences, conclusion).  The most important part of an essay is the thesis.  It is very important that the thesis provides an answer to the prompt question or specifically addresses what the essay requirement requests. The thesis is the statement which the entire essay is based on, so it should be considered the foundation for the rest of the essay.  The thesis should be well developed and concise (no extra information), and include the topic, the point within the topic and any proofs/evidence that would help the author prove the point.  A thesis should be included in almost every format of essay.

    The next step requires that the author write the essay.  If the outline has been done well, the author should not have lots of work to do in the actual writing section.  Revising the essay is a very important part of completing it because the author may have missed spelling and grammatical errors.  At this point, the author has the chance to re-read the entire essay and spot discrepancies that might confuse the reader's understanding of their argument.   

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    Persuasive Writing

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    Writing in which the author attempts to convince the reader that their opinion is correct.

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