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Brayton Cycle Gas Turbines

Large stationary brayton cycly gas turbine power plant delivers a powr output of 100MW to an electric generator . Minimum temperature is 300K so T1= 300k max temp is 1600k so T3= 1600k Minimum pressure in the cycle is 100kpa compressor pressure ratio is 14 to 1 so p2/p1 = 14 but turbine efficiency is 85% and compressor efficiency is 80% calculate the Power output of Turbine? What fraction of the turbine output is required to drive compressor? What is thermal effciency of the cycle? Maybe assume constant Cpo 1.004KJ/kg "for cold anal"?? K= 1.4

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Wc,in= Cp(T2-T1)
T2=T1 * ...

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