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Matlab -- Developing 22 Independent Material balances and solving in Matlab

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Find composition and flow rates from mass percent data.


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To answer your questions:
The values in x that you have are











which are the entries in the heading of your table except the last column. All these entries are in kg/hr.

How do you solve this problem:

You have 4 component flowrates per stream. You have 8 streams so you have a maximum of 32 unknowns. You know that streams 1,2,and 3 do not have glue, thus you set the flowrate of this component in these streams to zero and you are left with 29 unknowns. You also know that stream 4 is pure water so you set the flowrates of the other components to zero. You are left with 26 unknowns. You also know that stream 5 does not have glue so one more unknown out, you're left with 25 unknowns. You know that stream 6 is pure glue so you have three other flowrates as zero, thus you are left with 22 ...

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The composition and flow rate of a feed stream is calculated using Matlab.