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Phase angle and margin

I'm trying to find the angles of departure and angles of arrival for an equation. In my current problem, I am looking for the angle of departure for

GH=10(s+z)/s^2 (also GH(jw)=10(jw+z)/(jw^2)

The angle of departure is defined as 180 degrees plus the phase angle of GH computed at the complex pole, but ignoring the contribution of that particular pole.

The s^2 is the pole portion of the equation and it represents 2 poles at the orgin (on the jw axis).

Please help me understand how to determine the angle of departure from GH.

Also, (separate from above question) the phase margin is the phase angle at cross over. For g(jw)=50/(jw(jw/5+1)), what is and how do I (explicity)find the phase margin? Thanks!

Thank you.

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This solution is provided in 460 words in an attached .doc file. It describes angle of departure and the calculation for obtaining this, as well as a graph of the problem to find the solution. Root locus diagrams are also provided to find both the angle of departure and the phase margin.