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Peal Maximum Value of a Feedback Control System

In this attached question P(s) refers to the plant transfer function and Y(S) is the output of the system.
I have also attached a schematic of how the system i think looks like. Please provide solutions to all except part c.


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Band-Pass System

Ty/d = k (2ps/Wn)/[ (s/Wn)^2 + 2ps/Wn +1 ]
p = damping factor
Wn = Natural Frequency in rad/sec

Unit step response:

y(t) = Be^(-a*t)*Sin(Wd*t), where
B = k2p/sqrt(1-p^2),
a = p*Wn, and
Wd = Wn*sqrt(1-p^2)


Now, to find the peak(maximum ...

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The solution utilises various equations from the relevant theory involving the dampening factor unit step response to find the peak maximum value of the given band-pass system in a clear, easy to follow manner.