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Fourier analysis of the vibration of the motor

In order to monitor the condition of a heavy duty electric motor, vibration analysis can be performed. Fourier analysis of the vibration of the motor, when new, results in the spectrum, as shown in the attachment, which comprises of four significant components.

Given the amplitudes indicated in the above spectrum diagram, complete the table below for the amplitude of the vibration in the time domain.

n an T = 0 T = 0.025s T = 0.05s t=0.075s T = 0.1s
1 0.10 0.10
3 0.80 -0.57
5 0.05 0.00
7 0.05 -0.04
Totals - -1.00


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Solution illustrates how to compute the required values for row n=3, and leaves the other terms and the totals for the student to practice.