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Designing a Controller and State Observer

Consider the system whose state space representation is attached:
a) Design a controller for the system such as the closed loop poles are located at s= -1.8± 2.4j.
b) Design a full state observer to estimate the states of the system. Place the eigenvalues of the observer at s= -8,-8.
c) Check the design in (a) and (b)using MATLAB.
d) Draw a block diagram for the observer-state feedback control system.
e) Compute the transfer function U(s)/[-Y(s)]
f) Compute the overall transfer function of the system Y(s)/R(s)
g) If a unit step input is applied to the system, plot x1,x2, x1, x2 and y. Note that the initial state of the system


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The solution is attached as a .zip file within which are the documents necessary to show a design plan for a controller and state observer for the given system, all checked in MATLAB with a block diagram to aid understanding and transfer functions included.