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Describe the characteristics of op-amp circuit

Describe the operation and the characteristic of the general-purpose 741 op-amp provided in the attached file.

i) Derive and calculate overall gain.
ii) Determine the unity-gain bandwidth
iii) Compare between BJT (741) op-amp and BiCMOS (CA3140) op-amp.


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The solution for (i) and (ii) please see the attached pdf file.

(iii) Compare 741 Op-amp and CA3140.


As CA3140 is a BiCMOS, it consumes less power than 741. From the Table 13.1 and 13.2, the input bias current of CA3140 is typically 10 pA which is much less that that of 741 which is typically 80 nA. The open loop gain of CA3140 is about half of that of 741. The unity-gain frequency of CA3140 is 4.5 MHz while that of 741 is 1 MHz which means that CA3140 can handle higher frequency signal than 741.

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