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    Computer Engineering

    Computer engineering is a field of study that integrates electrical engineering and computer science to develop computer hardware and software. Compute engineers have training in electronic engineering, software design and hardware software integration. This type of engineering focuses not only on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture. Typical tasks of a computer engineer include writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing VLSI chips, designing analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards and designing operating systems. They also are involved in robotic research and sensors.

    The first computer engineering program at a University was established in 1972 at Case Western Reserve University. Due to the increasing requirements for engineer jobs, some tertiary institutions offer a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Similar to other engineering disciplines, having an extensive knowledge of mathematics and science is necessary for computer engineers. There are two major specialities in computer engineering, software engineering and hardware engineering. 

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    An Introduction to Operations Research

    Weber (1990). Consider the following two groups of words: Group 1 Group 2 AREA ERST FORT FOOT HOPE HEAT SPAR PAST THAT PROF TREE STOP All the words in groups 1 and 2 can be formed from the nine letters A, E, F, H, O, P, R, S, and T. Develop a model to assign a unique numeric value from 1 through 9 to these letters su

    Linear Programming Solver Salespersons

    A large department store operates 7 days a week. The manager estimates that the minimum number of salespersons required to provide prompt service is 12 for Monday, 18 for Tuesday, 20 for Wednesday, 28 for Thursday, 32 for Friday, and 40 for each of Saturday' and Sunday. Each salesperson works 5 days a week, with the two consecut

    Operations Research: An Introduction

    The demand for ice cream during the summer months (June, July, and August) at a parlor is estimated at 500, 600, and 400 20-gallon cartons. Two wholesalers, 1 and 2, supply the parlor with its ice cream. Although the flavors from the two suppliers are different, they are interchangeable. The maximum number of cartons either supp

    Java Programming with Commented Code

    A marketing research company has hired you to develop a program. Analytics Nation, Inc. has gathered information from about five different products. They would like to follow up with 1% of these households. Analytics Nation requires a third party to select 1% of the households for one of the products. Choices must be random.

    Signal processing using MATLAB

    Computation of Z-transform---MATLAB Consider a discrete-time pulse x[n]=u[n]-u[n-10]. Plot x[n] as a function of n and use the definition of the Z-transform to find X(z). Use the Z-transform of u[n] and properties of the Z-transform to find X(z). Verify that the expressions obtained above for X(z) are identical.

    LVDT, ADC, Strain Gauge, Bellows

    1. An LVDT with associated signal conditioning will be used to measure work-piece motion from -20 to +20 cm. The static transfer function is 2.5 mV/mm. The output will be interfaced to a computer via an ADC. a. What is the range of output voltage? b. If the desired resolution is 0.5 mm, how many bits must the ADC have? c.

    A photocell with a 35-ms time constant is used to measure light flashes.

    1. A photocell with a 35-ms time constant is used to measure light flashes. How long after a sudden dark-to-light flash before the cell output is 80% of the final level? 2. A manufacturer specification sheet lists the transfer function of a pressure sensor as 45±5% mV/kPa with a time constant of 4±10%. A highly accurate tes

    LVDT, Analog signal conditioning, Range of output voltage

    An LVDT with associated signal conditioning will be used to measure work-piece motion from -20 to +20 cm. The static transfer function is 2.5 mV/mm. The output will be interfaced to a computer via an ADC. a. What is the range of output voltage? b. If the desired resolution is 0.5 mm, how many bits must the ADC have? c

    RAM to support a computer screen display

    One reason GUIs were initially slow to be adopted was the cost of the hardware needed to support them. How much video RAM is needed to support a 25 line X 80 row character monochrome text screen? How much for a 1024 X 768 pixel 24-bit color bitmap? What was the cost of this RAM at 1980 prices ($5/KB)? How much is it now?

    Microprocessor Operating Systems and System Interrupt Services

    If your computer is equipped with a CGA adapter or above, write the message "this is page 1" on page 1, "this is page 2" on page 2 and so on until the message "this is page 7" is written to page 7. Center the messages on the pages in exactly the same place. Have the program alternate the messages and determine if you can detect

    Orthogonality using MATLAB

    See attachment for full problem description. w=2πf t = n/256 (t goes from 0 to 1 in increments of 1/256) x(t)= cos wt frequency= 2Hz y(t)= cos wt frequency= 16Hz When you need to find the dot product of two vectors x and y which will be equivalent to the inner product of the two functions x(t) and y(t): then use

    Mfile program

    1) OK, please just create mfile basic programs to say calcluate the sum of any series for example using a while loop, a for loop, and if statement, if else, switch statement. Also, prompt the user to enter a value or values, use relational operators, logicals like and,or,not if possible. I just want to learn and see done p

    Rms current

    A personal computer that has a built in monitor and keyboard requires 40W at 115V(RMS). What is the rms value of the current carried by the power cord?Can you show me how to solve this problem?

    Question 9 Only

    Please see the attached. I am looking for help with question 9 ONLY in this posting. The other questions have been posted separately. They come from Mechanical Vibration, in Book ISBN: 0-13-948373-X, year 1998, by Benaroya, Haym. 9. Look around your world and provide applications where plate model could be useful.

    Nyquist Design

    I am completely lost with Nyquist. I am sure it's a plot of G(s), but when I put the plot in my calculator, it looks nothing like a traditional nyquist plot. I have a pole at the origin, that is not in the rhp is it? I have a zero in the rhp. So, the number of encirclements is N=#p-#z= so that's -1? There are -1 ccw encir

    Manufacturing Processes: Example Problems

    1. Describe the relative advantages and limitations of cold and hot isostatic pressing. 2. Should green compacts be brought up to the sintering temperature slowly or rapidly? Explain your reasoning. 3. Explain the effects of using fine powders and those of using coarse powders in the making of P/M parts 4. It is possible to i

    Discrete Time Systems

    1. a) Find the z-transform of the following system transfer function assuming the input is a unit staircase (i.e. zero order held). The sampling rate is T=0.2. P(s) = (s+2)/(s+1)(s+5) b) Given the z-transform of a sequence, U(z) = Z{u}, U(z) = z/(z^2 - 0.8z + 0.6) i. Find the first 4 terms of u by long division. ii.

    Linear Systems and Linearized State Space

    1. a) A system has the following model: x_1 = x_2 x_2 = (-x_2)92+cos(x_1))-3sin(x_1 - u) y = tan(x_1 - u) Find the linearized state space model about the steady state with x = (0,0)^T. b) Draw a Simulink implementation diagram of the system in question a. The input comes from a function generator and the output and sim

    Address Decoding

    Most computer memories are composed of a large number different devices that are interconnected to form the whole memory array which is accessed using the address bus. All of the chips are also connected to the data bus. To create a simple memory map, each chip must be allocated a range of memory addresses which are unique. This

    Considering Control Systems

    Question: Consider a system with a block model diagram as shown (*see attachment), and suppose that u(t) is a unit step input. Next consider the plot of the corresponding step response (y)t, also shown, and match it to the appropriate pole locations of the transfer function G(s) = Y(s)/U(s) U(s) --> [K/(s-p1)(s-p2] --> Y(s) -

    Matlab Program to Computer

    Hi. Please help me with this Matlab. x(n)=(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) h(n)=(1,1,-1,3,2) Write a matlab program to computer y(n)=h(n)*h(n) (convolution) without using the matlab convolution function 'conv'. That is, write matlab code to computer the convolution sum (... using nested loops?). Then use conv(h,x) to check the wor

    MATLAB program

    This is my Matlab program so far: >>clc >>clear >>r=input('Wheel radius?'); >>s=4*pi; >>theta=s/r; >>p=2*pi*r; >>t=0:2*pi:4*pi; >>plot(t,theta) >>title('Translational & Rotational Velocity Plot') >>xlabel('Independent variable') >>ylabel('Wheel displacement') I have started and I think I'm getting close to running

    MOSFET amplifier with active load

    For a simple MOSFET amplifer with active load (shown in Figure 1033 attached), the transistor parameters are: Vtn=1v, Vtp1=Vtp2=-1V, Kp1=Kp2=Kn=100 uamps/V^(2), and lambda1=lambda 2=lambda n=.02V^(-1). Let V+=10V and Iref=100 uAmps. (a) Find Vsg, the control voltage. (b) What value of voltage, Vi, will produce Vds0=Vsd2 (s