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Strategy for online learning

Can someone help with at least one strategy each for planning, time management, studying, and effective technology use on learning, and explain how/why each can contribute to success for online learners.

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Planning: Planning is extremely important for an online student. When deciding on program of study, they must check to see if there is any specific licensing or additional training that may be necessary in addition to the coursework, and if the state they live in recognizes that coursework to go toward licensure. Students must be able to have access to required materials and resources and should plan time to be able to work on assignments as well as support for while they are working on school work. This type of support could be childcare if there is a young child in the home, or working around a work or employment schedule (1).

Time management: In most online classes, there is approximately 6-10 hours per week needed to read, study, and complete the assignments. A person should decide when is the best time for them to have private time and a private place or area to work on school work. This place should be free of distractions and noise if possible (2). ...

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Discusses various strategies to assist in the online learning setting.