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The four aspects of language arts and the development of objectives

How do the four aspects of language arts inform the development of objectives? Write a language objective, including all four aspects of language arts, for the following content objectives:
Solve word problems using grade-level appropriate operations and numbers (3rd grade math).
Analyze the risk factors associated with natural, human-induced, and/or biological hazards (8th grade science).


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How do the four aspects of language arts inform the development of objectives?

Integration is vital for objectives in regard to developing objectives that will ensure that students are prepared in each aspect of Language Arts; therefore, teachers must balance the four aspects when developing their learning objectives to ensure that reading, writing, speaking, and listening are covered.

To facilitate learning objectives that are balanced and include all four aspects for 'Reading (Literacy)' YOU should allow students to recite their work to a partner, write in response to the assigned literature, and write original papers that are representative of their favorite authors'. The ability for students to discuss aloud other students' writing incorporates both speaking and listening into the 'Reading' aspect as well as writing.

To ensure that all four aspects of literature arts is encompassed in 'Writing' YOU can allow students to write notes while they are reading the assigned literature so that they can emphasize their feelings about the literature. In addition, students should be allowed ...