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Schooling for children in India and Japan

Can I get help with describing the schooling in India and Japan? How does it relate to the schooling children receive in the United States?

Please list any references so I can refer back to them.

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You logged in and asked for help finding information about the school systems of both Japan and India.

In India, there is a big emphasis placed on education. In fact, "Most Indian schools have a strong focus on academic subjects, with little scope for creativity and few or no extra-curricular activities. Traditional schooling methods tend to emphasize rote learning and memorization, rather than encouraging independent or creative thinking. There is a strong focus on examinations from an early age. This makes the atmosphere at Indian schools competitive" (The School System of India).

If parents can afford it, they send their children to school in other countries simply because there is such a strong emphasis placed on schooling. According to the School System of India:

The Education System
The Indian education system is structured as follows:
• Pre-school: Education at this level is not compulsory. The Montessori system is especially popular at the pre-school ...

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