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No Child Left Behind and Drop-Out Rates

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Using information from the No Child Left Behind article, enumerate the mandates of No Child Left Behind that affect English language learners. Compare the drop-out rate of students in the United States and students in the state in which you live. How do you think the waiver will affect the current drop-out rate in the United States and your state of residence? What will it take to leave the No Child Left Behind now that the current legislation is being re-examined?

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The drop-out rate of students has not been assessed in terms of English Language Learners (ELLs). Many of the aspects in No Child Left Behind refer to students from poverty areas. Many of the students within a poverty area or attending a Title 1 school are often English language learners. A comparison of drop-outs and amount of time English language learners have been in school would need to be made so that one could find a correlation, if any. A comparison of drop-outs to the amount of students who have been retained, and how many retentions of each student, would need to be examined. Many ELLs I have known personally have dropped out of school because there is less reward for them to continue in school. Each day is a ...

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The expert examines no child left behind and drop-out rates. What will take to leave the no child left behind is determined. The current legislation for being re-examined is determined.