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Online learning module as opposed to a stand-alone module.

Online learning modules are different from stand-alone learning modules in many ways. Each type of module has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to maintenance, educational quality, and instructional strategies.

Thus, this job discusses the differences for developing instruction for an online learning module as opposed to a stand-alone module. It also donsiders the differences in learner motivation, access to resources, maintenance, and any other relevant factors.

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The first step in answering any question of this type is to decide exactly what it wanted. In this case, there is a little ambiguity - the main focus of the answer should be to compare the task of developing instruction for an online learning module with an emphasis on learner motivation, resources, maintenance and 'any other relevant factors'. But as a kind of secondary focus, you should consider maintenance (again), educational quality and instructional strategies from the first paragraph.

Your outline would start with the main points, and then add in others you might want to include. Of these topics, educational quality is probably most closely associated with access to resources, and instructional strategies to learner motivation.

1. Learner motivation (include instructional strategies)
a. Online
b. Standalone
2. Access to resources (include educational ...

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This job contrasts online learning modules as opposed to a stand-alone modules.