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Summary of chapters on religion's language, ritual

Assistance is needed in preparing a written responses which should include a general (summary) reflection and your personal reactions to the various focuses.


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Your posting did not specify what formatting protocol you are required to use. APA and MLA have dirrerences in word choice and in the citation of references. If this is not a requirement of your assignment, please disregard - otherwise, double check your content and citations (if any) to be sure you are using the proper formatting.

The two chapters attached to your posting are fascinating reading. Chapter four discusses language, or human written and oral communication. Myth, or stories that have been handed down for so long they are untraceable as to origin, are discussed, as are other stories, including parables, which teach larger lessons through storytelling (written or oral). Cultures which have oral traditions are mentioned, as when there exists no written language, or as when a strong oral tradition exists even when the culture has a written language. The effect language has on the sacred traditions of various cultures and religions is mentioned, and the importance of ...

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Summary of chapters and reflective personal analysis of religion with focus on language and ritual