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Parent Teacher Conferences (IEP's)

What are some of the import elements and issues around conducting parent-teacher conferences. Focus your responses on the interaction between parents of students with disabilities and teachers.

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One of the best ways to communicate student progress and develop a good parent - teacher relationship is through parent - teacher conferences. Understanding the important role parent - teacher conferences play, many school administrations are more than willing to help and make sure their teachers are prepared. Several weeks before parent - teacher conferences take place, some school administrations and/or department heads may provide a check-list of do's and don'ts for teachers to follow.

The check-list covers many important elements and issues teachers need to consider before conducting a parent - teacher conference, such as:

1. Planning ahead and making sure there is a scheduled block of time that can be inclusively devoted to the parents without interruptions and distractions.

2. Teachers should be prepared to share student work samples, progress reports, and recount different events or experiences their child encountered recently to help give the parents a full picture of how their child is functioning at school.

3. If this is a first parent - teacher meeting, sharing the class room rules, expectations, and procedures ...