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    Language acquisition for stages of development

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    I have attached the full question, but it is asking you to write potential interview questions regarding language acquisition for stages of development within a job.

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    1. Why is language acquisition important to you?
    I believe that language is an essential trait of a human being. Language is how we communicate our wants and needs to others. People have many options to use language to express themselves such as sign language, picture symbols, or vocal expressions. Without language people cannot interact in our complex society successfully. It is my goal to help others acquire the necessary skills to communicate in their environment to feel better about him or her.

    2. What is your philosophy of language acquisition?
    I have a collaborative view of how and why people develop and use language. I do not believe that one theorist can fully comprehend or explain the use and development of language. My two most important theorists are........................................ (Add ...

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