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Explaining Performance Assessment

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Imagine that your school or center has adopted performance assessment to measure student growth. Your principal or director has asked you to create a letter for your students' parents explaining performance assessment. In your letter, you must address the following:

At least two reasons why using performance assessment with children is a reliable method of measuring student growth.

At least two typical concerns associated with performance assessment and how you will address those concerns.

At least two different performance assessments that you will use in the classroom and why you will use these assessments.

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Date: February 13, 2014
To: Parents and Guardians of Students at Carter Lake Elementary
From: Administration Staff
Concerning: Future Assessing at Carter Lake Elementary

Dear Parents,

Here at Carter Lake, we have a vision of excellence for all of our students. It is our daily mission to provide engaging and exciting activities that promote learning on a continuous basis. In addition to learning, we want all of our students to experience a substantial amount of growth as they continue their academic careers from year to year. Growth occurs when our students increase in their abilities in reading, mathematics, and other curricula content areas.

For the 2014-2015 school year, Carter Lake students will begin taking Performance Assessments. One reason for taking the Performance Assessment is so that way we can closely monitor the progress of our students and close any educational gaps that are observed once the student products have been collected after the non-traditional test administration. This proves as a reliable method because after an item analysis is completed, it will show where the students have deficits with more detailed ...

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Moving towards using Performance Assessments in School

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