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Critique of an ESL Cirriculum Article

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Find two articles of current trends in the areas of curriculum planning, curriculum evaluation and curriculum materials of teaching English as a Second Language to be critiqued. A complete reference and a brief overview of the specific article should be given as well.

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Keeping the Language Focus in Content-Based ESL Instruction Through Proactive Curriculum-Planning. By: Bigelow, Martha; Ranney, Susan; Dahlman, Anne. TESL Canada Journal. Winter2006, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p40-58.


Content-Based Instruction (CBI) is the best possible model to ensure that curriculum planning, curriculum evaluation and curriculum materials of teaching English as a second language is effectively done to its maximum potential in ESL classrooms. The (CBI) framework addressed language objectives while combining these objectives with learner centered instructional strategies that focus on students while accessing their performance in the stated objectives. Teachers must effectively conceptualize lesson plans to develop competent curriculum in language instruction with the capability to prepare English Language Learners for academic content instruction as well as enabling them to become immersed into mainstream settings.

Any content is predicated upon three points of entry that effectively enable implementation of this model into the curriculum process. The content materials or tasks, the language function, and the linguistic structure determine the point of entry depending on the direction of the instruction. The varying levels in English proficiency exhibited by ELLs dictates that you have flexibility in transitioning between the three points to ensure that all are effectively included and directly linked to the curriculum and instruction.

The main focal point that the instructor must bear in mind is that syntax, pronunciation, and vocabulary, which are the cornerstones of language, often are lost when instructors transition from language-driven syllabus to content-based syllabus with English Language Learners. Therefore, it's imperative to ensure that this information is transferred to students' during the curriculum planning phase while creating content-based ...

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The critiques of an ESL curriculum article.

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